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Whether you are creating a CD with music for your band, or a CD that will serve as an informative digital catalog, you want to make sure that the entire package looks professionally designed. Having a quality job on the CD cover printing can make more customers interested in purchasing your music or the products that you are promoting. Our high tech color printing process will make your cover stand out from the rest.


In addition to the full color printing job on the cover, we can provide a high quality glossy inlay that will compete with those made in the national music industry. Our CD inlay printing will catch the interest of your audience and add a level of completeness to your product. Whether you want text that explains how to use your CD, or lyrics to songs, or high quality photographs, you can be confident that it will come out looking great.


Our online printing service is unique in that we can accomplish all of this for you at an amazingly low price. No one will believe how little you had to pay for such a great looking product!


We print your CD covers and inserts full color on quality 100 gloss coated book weight stock and include free aqueous coating so they have a very professional look. Making the perfect impression is our mantra. Our business model states, "No matter the size or quantity every customer and job is equally important". We bend over backwards and jump through hoops to make sure your job will look the best it can. That's why we include free coating with every job. Coatings help protect your job. Aesthetically it adds depth and interest to the final printed piece. The bottom line is, it just makes the job look and feel better.