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    Not Sure if Your Files are Correct for Printing?


    If you are not experienced in creating files for full color offset lithographic printing and are not familiar with the standards and conventions in the commercial printing industry, it is a good idea to let us check your files before printing. In order to provide you with the best value possible, we provide this service free.



    It goes without saying your job is very important. You have high expectations for the best quality possible. We clearly understand this and want to meet or exceed these expectations. There are many things that can appears great on your monitor and look good when you print it on your inkjet printer but it may not print well on a press. We check for many different potential issues that can affect your jobs quality. Some of things we check for are:


    • Image Resolution (should be 300 dpi)
    • Color mode (should be CMYK, not RGB)
    • Page set up
    • Bleeds
      • Live copy area
      • Trim and folds
      • and many more!


    Of course we do not proof read or check for typos, wrong numbers, text flow and design elements in general. We check for technical errors only and are not responsible for creative and content issues.


    After file submission, we will call or email you the results of our evaluation in 2-4 business days after receipt. If we find problems, we will make appropriate suggestions on how you may correct your files.


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    IF WE CAN BE OF ANY HELP, PLEASE EMAIL or CALL (800) 598-1841.