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Linen (Ecofriendly)

Uncoated Linen Gives Unique Feel and Texture.


Superior Linen Cover allows your print products to gain a unique feel and texture. From enhancing the appearance of your business stationery to having exclusive printed material, 100 lb Linen Cover will certainly make a grand impression.

A sister product to the Linen Cover, the 70 lb Linen Text gives you a parallel feel and texture with a lighter stock. Available on a variety of products, Linen Text assures a truly distinctive touch.

All Linen stock is 30% recycled material.




Linen Cover is the first type of uncoated linen stock. This is a 100 pound stock. This stock has a very unique feel and appearance. Not only will this stock feel good to someone who holds it, but it will also look good. You can count on any promotional materials you print on Linen Cover to look great. In addition to all of the other qualities this stock can give to anything you print on it, it will also give them an exclusive feel. People who see your promotional materials will view your business as an important entity.


Linen Text is the other type of uncoated linen stock. Like Linen Cover, this stock is made from 30% recycled material. The difference is that Linen Text is a 70 pound stock. Because it's lighter than Linen Cover, it's the perfect choice when you need promotional materials that are less heavy. Although Linen Text is the lighter of the two stocks, it still has a quality feel. This stock's combination of uncoated linen and a lighter weight gives it a very distinct quality. You will not be disappointed by anything you have printed on this type of stock.


There are several items you can have printed on uncoated linen stock. Linen business cards can be printed on Linen Cover. Business cards printed on this stock are great for networking. Because of the distinct feel of this stock, people will take notice when you hand them a business card printed on uncoated linen. In addition to using a high quality stock for your business cards, you can also choose to have them printed with color ink. Using color ink to print your business cards makes them even more noticeable and attractive. By using both of these options for your business cards, you can make a good impression every time you hand someone one of your business cards.


Linen envelopes can be printed on Linen Text. Linen envelopes are an excellent way to help promote your business. Because they will be able to see your company name and logo before they even open a letter, using custom envelopes will get people interested in the mail you are sending them. By warming them up to your company before they read what you sent them, you will be able to increase the effectiveness of the mail you send.


Linen letterheads can also be printed on Linen Text stock. The product is ideal for helping to establish a strong brand for your business. Because it conveys a consistent image, it will continually reinforce a visual identity for your business. This will help make your business more memorable.


If you need to order printed promotional materials for your business, you can choose to have your materials printed on uncoated linen stock. Not only does this type of stock look and feel great, but it is also made from 30% recycled material. This will allow you to order high quality materials while also feeling good about making an environmentally conscious decision.