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Silk Cards

Silk Cards Adds Elegance with its Satiny Feel.


Silk Laminated Cards

Silk cards are new in the market and have elegant and unique texture. All our Silk Laminated Card Products come in 16 PT full color options and are laminated with special material that gives the cards a very pleasant Silky texture.  Now available with SPOT UV for a truly Wow factor effect. Classy and Sturdy- these products will leave a great lasting impression.


  • Business Cards
  • Greeting Cards
  • Post Cards
  • Presentation Folders


  • Tear and Water Resistant
  • Durable, Attractive and Affordable




Several types of silk laminated cards can be printed to attract attention to your business. Silk cards are available as:

  • silk laminated bookmarks
  • silk laminated business cards
  • silk laminated mini business cards
  • silk laminated oval cards
  • silk laminated square social cards
  • silk laminated greeting cards
  • silk laminated postcards
  • silk laminated presentation folders


The special texture of these silk card products creates a positive impression from the moment someone touches one of them. Because all silk laminated products are printed on 16 point stock , not only do they feel nice, but they also feel durable. You don't have to worry about your silk cards feeling flimsy or easily tearing.


If you want marketing materials that have a unique feel, you should try silk laminated cards. How your cards look and what they say are obviously important factors but people's sense of touch can also impact how they view your business. Before they even take a good look at your card, they are going to touch it with their hand. With silk cards, you can grab their attention as soon as your silky finished card is in their hand.


Want to give your silk cards an extra standout factor? By adding spot UV coating, you will draw people's eye to whatever area of the card is most important for them to read. Spot UV coating highlights a specific area of your silk card making it unique. Not only will a silk card with spot UV make a great first impression, but it will also making a lasting one.


Silk business cards are a great way to promote yourself and your business whenever you have a conversation with someone new. Because of their size, you won't have any trouble always keeping a handful of silk business cards with you. Whether you're at a networking event or simply out for the evening, you never want to miss out on an opportunity to create a good first impression for your business. With a silk business card, people will see your business in a positive light from the moment you hand your card to them.


Silk postcards are impressive due to their silky feel. This type of postcard can be used for a wide range of purposes. If you want to attract new customers to your business, you can send out a targeted mailing of postcards. Although you won't be the only business sending out postcards to potential customers, your silk postcards will definitely stand out from the cheaper postcards sent by other businesses. You can also send postcards to your existing customers. By sending them a special deal for being a loyal customer, you can motivate them to make another purchase from you. Whether you are mailing to potential or existing customers, make sure that once the silk postcard grabs the recipients' attention, the offer you have on your postcard is appealing enough for them to take action.


Silk greeting cards are another option for promoting your business. Whether it's Christmas or another significant holiday throughout the year, silk greeting cards are a great way to show your current customers that you value their business. While this is a simple gesture, it's a very effective one. Although any sincere greeting card you send will be appreciated, silk greeting cards are an especially nice touch.