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Suede Cards

SOFT VELVET LAMINATION makes these cards standout



Suede Cards are soft to the touch and bestow a hint of luxury. Use of Suede Cards to brands create marketing pieces that stand out from the competition.

Suede Cards are printed with high quality offset equipment on 16pt card stock, then they are laminated on both sides with 1.5 mil scuff resistant, soft velvet laminate, which give them a substantial thickness of 19 pt.


    •     A Totally Unique Product

    •     Inexpensive WoW Factor

    •     Get Noticed and Remembered

Raised Spot UV and Raised Foil also printed on Suede Stock.

Water Resistant, not Waterproof.



Suede cards are the ultimate in projecting luxury, beauty and class. These cards are sure to WoW. Suede cards are printed in full color and coated with a soft and durable laminate giving them a suede-like feel. With a velvety soft texture, our suede laminated coating adds a touch of opulence that can literally be touched and felt. This tactile coating is sure to set your business card apart for all others. These soft touch laminate cards are ideal for service companies that want to show off themselves as high quality. From restaurants and catering businesses to service providers and professionals, soft suede cards are a durable option that offers plenty of style.


Waterproof vs Water resistant


Suede Cards are water resistant, but not waterproof. This means the cards stand up well when they come in contact with a small amount of water, but cannot be submerged in water without water seeping into the card and causing damage. Please test your specific application to ensure the cards are appropriate for that use.


Coated or Laminate


The term ÒSuedeÓ refers to the soft, supple texture of the cards, not the actual materials used. A soft velvet laminate is applied to both sides of the card to achieve a luxurious suede-like look and feel. We start with 16pt stock as a base and apply 1.5mil soft velvet, scuff resistant laminate to both sides of the sheet for a total thickness of 19pt. The soft velvet lamination adds a soft supple look and feel, which softens colors, reduces contrast and gives an overall lighter, muted appearance.


Suede Cards comes :
  • - Assorted sizes from 1.5 x 3 to fold overs 2 x 7. Options available of rounded corners - 2 or 4 corners.
  • Postcards in Assorted sizes
  • Announcement Cards - 4.25 x 6 or 4.25 x 5.5 / With Envelopes available
  • Greeting Cards - 4.25 x 11 or 5.5 x 8.5 (scored for folding)/ With Envelopes available